Deeds of the saints: Chapters I - V


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All songs written & performed by XIII
All lyrics by Dan Murray

Recorded, Produced & Mastered by Mikey Scott @ Fruit Trade Music


released November 15, 2013

Dan Murray - Vocals/Guitars
James Oxtoby - Bass/Piano/Backing Vocals
Alex O'Dwyer - Drums

Artwork & Concept by Paul Brady



all rights reserved



XIII (pronounced Thirteen), A metal band from the forgotten region of the Humber, bring an authentic honesty to an industry that all too often overlooks quality in favour of a quick buck and broken dreams.

XIII - More riffs than you can shake a shitty stick at!
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Track Name: We Are Everywhere
What I see here
Are the greatest men who ever lived
Eyes sharper than a crescent moon
We wrote the book on
How to do things the wrong way
Our endurance lies in our legend

Our acrimony won't be tamed by accession
Now we are become death
The destroyer of worlds

There is no god or
Demon perfect liar who can
Co-opt our cause and
Flog it back on temerity
Hands veiled under a helping word
If they are watching us
They do not care

We'll wash our eyes out with blood
We'll bleach our skin with napalm
We'll quench our thirst with
Gasoline and a lit match
There's not one thing you can do
We've not taken before
We were born in the darkness and
Moulded by it
It's through our pain
That we've found the strength of our souls
Look down the abyss
You can't know us

Striking the tinder box
Over and over again
Where we go's always endless
Preaching the rapture and
Calamity and ballpark regret
Strained by the hopelessness
Burning fields
Purging the self
Risk all for self-destruction
Flames and smoke run their course
We compel all nations
On pain of extinction

We are everywhere
Unmoving with a granite stare
Our aprons are tacking with
Clutching fingers
Our boot crushes the old
Our march won't stop to mourn them
We are grizzled and scarred
We are moulded by this

We are so far gone
That our return is just as deadly
We're resigned to this fate
Eyes glowing like dogs
No coins for our passing
Only in death do we have a name
Only as the rain falls
And the sky splits to the moon
The sand will melt
And the soul is broken
The last chord will be struck
The last cymbal snapped
Our annexation's this
We are everywhere

We are everywhere
Track Name: Narcotics
The migraine of lights
Flickers onto me
The echo clings to your last word
The rapture rages
Black on red
The pain numbs eventually

IV in the mainline
I slide into nothingness
Fixing up
Just to tear the guilt down
How many times can you pray?

And I'm happy
Blissful even
I get a break for just one hit
And finally
Nihilism fits me
Just like the chains I will burn in

Now the wretch
Who folded to the pressure of living
Is allowed to escape conviction
Running through the darkness
Senses numbed
Now that's a lesson well spent

And I'm back here
World on my broken shoulders
It was me who put it there
I am Atlas unbound
Trying to suffer under a weight
That isn't there
He can't man up
He's the nemesis
Knees buckle
I feel myself crumble
To the self-berating
Monkey on my back

And I'm happy
Blissful even
I get a break for just one hit
And finally
Nihilism fits me
Just like the chains I will burn in

Now the wretch
Who folded to the pressure of living
Is allowed to escape conviction
Running through the darkness
Senses numbed and drifting
Now that's a lesson well spent
Track Name: Acta Sanctorum
Let go
They tell me to do
But I won't
I'm pissed off this time
Losing sight
Of my solidarity
But one thing I know well
Is the thrill of the payback
So I seethe
As I scream
Plans laid forward
By the shepherd that guides me
These are the deeds
Of the saints
They won't comfort you
They won't blind me

Rise up with me
Your drop will be
Greater than the downfall of all
You won't catch up to us
Wheels are set in motion
In minutes we'll be
Brought back down to zero

And the fires will burn
For a thousand days
As the good lord said in my epiphany
We will take back our lives
Using rocks and and bones
'Til the silence that emerges
Deafens us to our pain

My damned face
Cracks with glee
As the skies blacken
To the sound
Of all I demand
I've been spat on
Beat down
Had life refused me
My willingness to serve you
Has been stepped on
Too many times
You let go
You try to get past this
It's not as easy
When the knife's in the others back is it?
Call me petty
Call me anything
The shepherd leads me
To greater things than you

Now surge forward
In the name of all those
Who have wronged you
And when our boot meets throat
And their eyes are cold and glassy
They will see their end was their own doing
Track Name: Deliverance
Your eyes staring right through me
Cauterised by the sun
A burnt tree getting black by the minute and only
One hand that I can see

A red moon is rising
The blood from my ear
It trickles down my neck

You don't know me
And you never will
You don't know the truth
Of what I'm about to tell you
My wounds are the medals for
All the battles I've won
Burst vessels and self-destructive
Near-life conflict
Fighting through the compulsion
To ignite everything
Curb stomping and blackened eyes

The vulture perched on my shoulder
Don't have the courtesy to wait for me
My heaven don't want me up there but
Hell's got some work for me

The red moon is still rising
The blood from my ear
Still trickles down my neck

My narcissistic rage crushed in
Screaming "fuck 'em!"
As I follow my code
I've got to keep moving
You know that because
My P.O's got some work for me
Track Name: Nothing is true...Everything is permitted
Control will break down
Right in front of me
A bloodied fist one side
And a prayer on the other
Screaming at roads
'Til I puke up my lungs
But your silence juxtaposes
All of this

You're ground to ash

Time runs down on us all
Lifeline's blurred and eroded
A sad truth
Everything's not ok
We may have been the ones to
Light the fuse
But you set the trap in the first place

And so we're told that
What we see's to be believed
Well I say that
Nothing is true
In a world where your blindness
Leads you to follow the lost
Well I say that everything's permitted
When all that's left is ruin and despair
I'll be the lighthouse in the fog
Smashing you all on the rocks
All of you damned souls
This is one who would not tolerate your sickness